The summer school will take place at Maison Jean Kuntzmann of the University Campus in Grenoble, France. You can see the precise location on the map below:

How to get there?

Once you are in Grenoble, you can easily reach the campus by Tram (or bicycle). From the city center, you can take both Trams B and C. Stop at "Bibliothèques Universitaires".

The tram lines (raw extraction from OpenStreetMap data) are superimposed to the map above. You can click on each stop to display some information about it. You can find more information (map, schedule, bus lines...) about the public transportation system in Grenoble on the TAG website.


Student rooms

Student rooms are proposed to the participants of the summer school. You can either book a student room with shared bathroom and kitchen, or a studio appartment. All the details about the prices and kinds of rooms are provided at the bottom of page 1 of this form: (in French).

You can find more information (e.g. locations ) about residences on this web page: We advise you to choose among the residences located on the campus, namely:

or nearby:

If you are interested, you must apply for a student accomodation no later than June, 1st. To do so:

  1. Fill-in the following form: The form is in French (no English translation is available, unfortunately), but we provide an annotated version with explanation in English here: annotated form. Fill-in the initial form, but use the annotated one to help you.
  2. Send back to (with a CC to Sylvain Bouveret if you want us to keep track of your demand in case there is any problem).
    • a copy of your student card (if you have one);
    • a copy of your passport (+ visa);
    • the filled form.
    You do not have to provide any justification for your stay in Grenoble (since we have sent the list of attendants to the CROUS Grenoble), but you have to specify "COST IC1205 Summer School on Fair Division (FairDiv-2015)" on the box entitled "Adresse de l’Entreprise où vous effectuez votre stage ou de l’établissement d’études en alternance".

Your application should be processed within 10 days by the CROUS Grenoble. You do not have to pay anything for now; your accomodation should be paid on the first day you arrive.

Hotel suggestions

Here is a list of hotels which are located near tram lines B and C (direct journey to the campus), with rooms below 90€, ordered by decreasing score according to Trip Advisor (note: we did not test them ourselves and we do not have any direct feedback on them).